We’re Dedicated To Helping You Locate Professional DStv Installation Services, Employing Accredited Installers Who Serve Your Area!

DStv Installation

At our core, we are committed to assisting you in finding top-notch DStv installation services that meet your specific needs. Our rigorous selection process ensures that the accredited DStv installers we recommend for your area possess the necessary skills and experience to deliver exceptional results.

Knowing how essential seamless entertainment is for you and your family, we only work with dependable DStv technicians who can handle a wide array of DStv install and repair services.

These include installations of various decoder types such as Single-View, Explora, HD Decoder or PVR Installation, through Extra View setup and LNB replacements to proficient repairs.

  • No longer do you need to search through countless directories hunting down “DStv installation near me”.

Save time by letting us put you in touch with an expert installer dedicated to serving homes across South Africa! Whether it’s Pretoria or Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durbanville – rest assured that a qualified DStv Technician is just a few clicks away.

Benefit From Widespread DStv Installation Services Covering Every Corner Of South Africa

Benefit From Widespread DStv Installation Services Covering Every Corner Of South Africa

No matter where you are in South Africa, our accredited DStv installers can provide reliable installation services for various types of decoders and setups.

DStv Single-View Installation

DStv Single-View Installation is a popular option for those who want to keep it simple and affordable.

  • This installation includes all the essentials you need to enjoy your favourite satellite television programs without any hassle.

This straightforward setup allows users to start watching their preferred channels in no time at all! Moreover, DStv offers a quick start guide that provides easy-to-understand instructions on installation and familiarizes you with the new remote-control functions.

DStv Explora Installation & Setup

DStv Explora is a game-changing decoder designed to enhance your entertainment experience with access to new premium features.

  • Installing and setting up your DStv Explora should be done by an accredited installer to ensure optimal performance and avoid any errors during the process.

Benefit from seamless navigation through thousands of movie titles, TV series, live sports options, and more with the user-friendly interface on your DStv Explora.

  • This innovative device lets you pause live television or record shows for later consumption – never miss your favourite content again!

With dedicated help from professional DStv installers across South Africa who specialise in Explora installation/setup services, you can kick-start your extraordinary viewing journey without any hassle.

DStv HD Decoder Installation

Upgrade your home entertainment experience with the DStv HD Decoder installation.

  • Offering crystal-clear picture quality and immersive sound, this decoder is a must-have for any avid TV viewer.

Choosing an accredited installer from our extensive directory guarantees top-notch workmanship that adheres to industry standards.

  • By using the MY DStv App, you can track the progress of your installation while gaining access to helpful guides on how to maximize your viewing pleasure with DStv HD Decoder features.

Don’t miss out on periodic promotions and deals aimed at providing you with exceptional value when acquiring satellite decoders or upgrading existing setups.

DStv PVR Installation

Need to record your favourite shows and movies? A DStv PVR Installation may be just what you need!

  • With a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) decoder, you can pause, rewind, and record live TV.

This feature-packed device allows you to record up to 110 hours of content in standard definition or 55 hours in high definition.

  • To get started on your DStv PVR installation journey today, locate professional installers near your area through our nationwide network of certified technicians.

Not only will they ensure that everything is set up correctly but they will do so efficiently and affordably too—guaranteeing maximum entertainment value for every Rand spent.

DStv Extra View Installation

If you’re looking for the ultimate viewing flexibility, DStv Extra View Installation is a fantastic option.

  • This service allows viewers to watch different channels on multiple TVs simultaneously.

For example, one family member can enjoy their favourite sports channel while another catches up on their favourite soapie in a separate room.

  • While the cost of installing a DStv extra view will vary depending on the complexity of the setup, it generally ranges between R350 – R400.

DStv Satellite Installation

DStv satellite installation is one of the most common services provided by professional DStv installers.

  • This service covers a wide range of needs, from installing new satellite dishes to troubleshooting signal problems and replacing damaged equipment.

It doesn’t matter where you are located in South Africa, as accredited installation companies cover every area.

  • Whether you need a single-view decoder or an Extra View setup for multiple TVs, DStv satellite installation will ensure that your system works seamlessly.

Professional installers can also assist with commercial installations for properties such as hotels and guesthouses.

DStv Satellite Dish Installation

DStv Satellite Dish Installation is a crucial aspect of DSTV installation. It requires a skilled and qualified installer to ensure everything is set up correctly.

  • The satellite dish enables the decoder to receive programming signals, which are transmitted through satellites high above the earth’s atmosphere.

It’s important to note that if you relocate your satellite dish or antenna without professional assistance, you might risk having poor signal quality or even losing access to certain channels entirely.

Commercial DStv Installation

For businesses and commercial properties looking to install DStv, contracting accredited installers is critical.

  • Accredited DStv installation companies have the expertise required to handle complex installations such as communal satellite dish setups, multi-view installations, and maintenance services.

Whether you are a hotel owner, apartment block manager or business owner, hiring an accredited installer guarantees worry-free installation and setup of your DStv solution with minimal downtime.

By partnering with reputable contractors in your area from our list of approved Multichoice installers who cover every corner of South Africa, you’ll secure high-quality service from qualified professionals at competitive prices.

Residential DStv Installation

If you’re a homeowner or tenant seeking DStv installation services, rest assured that there are certified and professional installers ready to serve your area.

  • Residential DStv installation is hassle-free with accredited technicians available to handle the setup, connection, and activation of the decoder and satellite dish.

You can enjoy crystal-clear television programming in no time without worrying about faulty installations or hidden costs.

Plus, communal DStv installation reduces property damage risks by eliminating the need for residents to drill walls for individual satellite dishes.

DStv Maintenance Services

Ensuring that your DStv setup is well-maintained is key to enjoying uninterrupted entertainment.

  • With professional DStv maintenance services, you can rest easy knowing that any issues with your decoder or dish will be promptly resolved by qualified technicians.

To take advantage of these services, it’s advisable to use accredited installers who are familiar with the DStv system and its various components.

Additionally, downloading the DStv app onto your smartphone or tablet can provide easy access to managing your account and watching TV on-the-go.

DStv Relocation Services

Relocating to a new home can be stressful, but with the help of DStv Relocation Services, you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment once you arrive.

  • These services are available throughout South Africa and offer widespread coverage for DStv installation services.

Whether you’re moving within your area or to a new city altogether, accredited installers are available to ensure that your DSTV setup is up and running in no time.

  • With relocation services, you won’t have to worry about losing signal or missing out on your favourite shows during the move.

As part of their relocation packages, DStv offers maintenance services too so that any possible issues that may arise will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Upgrade Your DStv Decoder To Enhance Your DSTV Setup And Enjoy Premium Features

Upgrade your DStv decoder to access premium features and get the most out of your DSTV setup.

DStv Explora Upgrades

Upgrading your DStv decoder to the Explora model can open up a world of possibilities.

  • With its high-definition viewing, you can immerse yourself in an engaging and superior entertainment experience with crystal clear picture quality.

The good news is that upgrading has never been easier thanks to MyDStv App. This app allows customers to manage their account, fix errors, pay online and even change their package from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet.

HD Decoder Upgrades

Upgrading your DStv decoder is an excellent way to enhance your viewing experience and access premium features.

  • The latest DStv single view HD decoder comes without the Catch Up feature, which allows you to catch up on missed shows.

Using the MyDStv app, you can upgrade your package or change your subscription with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Smart LNB Installation

Installing a Smart LNB is a smart choice for anyone looking to upgrade their DStv setup.

  • It combines the functions of a DStv switch and an LNB, making installation simpler and ensuring hassle-free viewing.

The Smart LNB works best with the DStv Explora decoder and XtraView installations.

If you want to enjoy all the features of your Explora decoder, including XtraView capabilities, then consider installing a Smart LNB today.

  • With its easy-to-follow beginner’s guide to installation, you can install it yourself without the need for professional assistance.

Plus, choosing an accredited installer ensures that you get only top-quality service from start to finish.

Get Back To Enjoying Your Favorite Shows Without Interruption With Reliable DStv Repair Services

Get Back To Enjoying Your Favorite Shows Without Interruption With Reliable DStv Repair Services

If you’re experiencing signal problems or facing any other issues with your DStv setup, our reliable and efficient repair services will get you back to enjoying your favorite shows in no time.

DStv Signal Repairs & Troubleshooting

Here are some tips on DStv signal repairs and troubleshooting:

  1. Check for cable connection issues: One of the most common reasons for poor signal strength is a loose or faulty cable connection. Check that all cables are properly connected and in good working condition.
  2. Inspect the satellite dish: Strong winds and heavy rain can cause misalignment of the satellite dish, so make sure it is positioned correctly. Also, check for any obstructions blocking the dish’s view.
  3. Check tuner status: Users can press “Help” on their remote and select “Tuner Status” to check signal strength and quality.
  4. Reset decoder settings: If the above steps do not work, try resetting your decoder to its default settings.
  5. Contact an accredited installer: For more complex signal issues, it is best to contact a professional DStv installer who can troubleshoot and repair the problem efficiently.

DStv Satellite Dish Repairs, Alignment And Relocation

  • If your satellite dish is damaged, it can lead to poor signal quality or complete signal loss. A professional can assess the damage and recommend repairs.
  • Sometimes, satellite dishes become misaligned due to weather conditions or other factors. Installers can realign the dish for optimal signal strength and quality.
  • If you’re moving home or office, you’ll need to relocate your satellite dish too. An accredited installer can safely relocate the dish while ensuring it’s aligned correctly in its new location.
  • Don’t attempt any DIY repairs or adjustments on your DStv satellite dish as this could cause more harm than good. Trust a professional to handle all repairs and maintenance.

Extra Services

In addition to DStv installation services, our expert installers also offer TV wall mounting, home theatre setups, Wi-Fi and networking solutions, CCTV installations, and more – read on to discover the full range of benefits!

Professional TV Wall Mounting

In addition to DStv installation and repair services, many accredited installers also provide TV wall mounting and TV installation services.

  • This means you can have your new flat-screen TV mounted securely on a wall in your home or office, creating an optimal viewing experience.

Whether it’s for a living room entertainment space or boardroom presentation area, there are various options available to ensure that the TV is safely mounted at the correct height and angle.

  • For example, DStv installers in Cape Town offer high-quality TV bracket mounting services with free quotes available through their website.

In Johannesburg South, customers can take advantage of LED TV wall bracket installations as well as extra viewings across multiple rooms.

Professional Home Theatre Setup

When it comes to creating the perfect cinema experience in your home, a professional DStv installation service can help you achieve just that.

  • With their expertise, you can get a full HD home theatre sound system set up, complete with surround sound speakers and high-quality projectors or screens.

One of the benefits of using an accredited installer for your home theatre setup is that they may be able to recommend additional services or products that can enhance your viewing experience even further.

  • Some providers offer Wi-Fi and networking installation services which make it easier to stream content from your phone or tablet directly onto your screen.

Professional Wi-Fi And Networking

We understand that a reliable internet connection is essential for streaming your favourite shows on DStv, which is why we offer professional Wi-Fi and networking services.

  • Our team of accredited installers can help set up your home network, ensuring stable connectivity throughout your house.

Customers searching for information on connecting their DStv to WiFi without a connector or troubleshooting internet connection problems can benefit from our experienced technicians who are well-versed in resolving such issues.

Professional CCTV Installation

In addition to DStv installation, we also offer professional CCTV installation services.

  • Our skilled installers will provide you with high-quality surveillance cameras that can enhance the security of your home or business.

We understand the importance of keeping a watchful eye on your property, which is why we offer CCTV systems that come with advanced features such as motion detection and remote viewing capabilities.

  • These systems enable you to monitor your premises from anywhere at any time via secure app access on your smartphones or tablets.

Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor purposes, our team will help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Benefits For Top-Rated DStv Installation Services

  • Professional and accredited installers: Our installers undergo rigorous training and assessments to ensure they have the skills and expertise needed to provide quality DStv installation services.
  • Prompt service delivery: The top-rated DStv installers we work with strive to offer prompt service delivery. They understand that your time is valuable and will make sure that your installation is completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.
  • Affordable pricing: You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy quality DStv installation services. Our top-rated installers offer affordable pricing packages that cater to all budget types, without compromising on quality.
  • Quality equipment: When you choose one of our accredited DStv installers, you can be assured that they use only high-quality equipment for your installations. This ensures maximum satisfaction during every viewing experience.
  • Excellent customer support: Customer satisfaction is a top priority for our accredited DStv installers. They offer excellent customer support before, during and after the installation process, ensuring that all your needs are met at all times.
  • Warranty on products and services: Our network of DStv installation companies offers a warranty on their products and services. This means that if any problems arise within a certain period after the completion of an installation, they will rectify any issues free of charge.

Let Us Take The Lead In Locating A Local Multichoice Accredited DStv Installer!

If you’re in need of professional DStv installation services, look no further!

  • Our team is dedicated to helping you find accredited installers who serve your area and provide reliable installations.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of service when it comes to our certified Multichoice Accredited DStv Installers.

  • We’ll take care of sourcing quotes from trusted professionals saving you time and stress while ensuring that they deliver high-quality workmanship at affordable prices.

Our aim is to make sure your entertainment needs are sorted without any interruptions or inconveniences caused by downtime during setup or repair works.

We’ll also be providing helpful information such as a comprehensive pricing guide for DStv Installation in South Africa – 2023 as well as specific regions covered by professional DStv installers so that customers know what they should expect before making any decisions on which installer to use.

A Comprehensive Pricing Guide For DStv Installation In South Africa – 2023

Installation Service Estimated Price Range
DStv Single-View Installation R399 – R899
DStv Explora Installation & Setup R999 – R1 699
DStv HD Decoder Installation R399 – R899
DStv PVR Installation R1 699 – R3 499
DStv Extra View Installation R1 199 – R1 999
DStv Satellite Installation R999 – R1 999
DStv Satellite Dish Installation R599 – R1 399
Commercial DStv Installation Varies, please inquire for a quote
Residential DStv Installation Varies, please inquire for a quote
DStv Maintenance Services R250 – R750 per service
DStv Relocation Services R599 – R1 499
DStv Explora Upgrades R599 – R999
HD Decoder Upgrades R399 – R899
Smart LNB Installation R499 – R999
TV Wall Mounting R499 – R1 499
Home Theatre Setup R1 499 – R4 999
Wi-Fi and Networking R399 – R1 999
CCTV Installation Varies, please inquire for a quote

Service Areas Covered By DStv Installation Companies In South Africa

Service Areas Covered By DStv Installation Companies In South Africa

Find out which regions and specific neighbourhoods are serviced by professional DStv installers in South Africa – ensure that you’re covered wherever you are located!

Regions Covered By Professional DStv Installers

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of regions covered by professional DStv installers in South Africa:

  1. Johannesburg
  2. Durban North
  3. Eastern Cape
  4. Cape Town
  5. Pretoria East

Specific Neighbourhoods Serviced

Some of the neighbourhoods serviced include:

  1. Cape Town – including Southern Suburbs, Vredehoek, Hout Bay, and more.
  2. Pretoria – including Centurion, Moreleta Park, Faerie Glen, and nearby areas.
  3. Johannesburg – including Randburg, Fourways, Sandton, Midrand, and other suburbs.
  4. Durban – including Umhlanga, Ballito, Hillcrest, and surrounding areas.
  5. Vista Park – this area in Bloemfontein is also covered by DStv installation services.
  6. Edenvale – this suburb of Johannesburg is also serviced by accredited installers.

Conclusion: Always Hire A Licensed DStv Installation Company!

When it comes to DStv installation, it’s important to choose a licensed and accredited installer for your peace of mind.

  • With a variety of services on offer, including maintenance and repair, upgrading your decoder or even setting up a home theater system, an experienced installer can make all the difference.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to install it yourself or choosing a cheaper option over quality service.


  1. What is DStv installation and what does it entail?

DStv installation involves the setup of a satellite dish, decoder, and cabling to enable access to digital TV channels through the DStv platform.

  • The process includes site assessment, dish placement, signal alignment, decoder activation and channel scanning.
  1. How long does it take to install DStv?

Installation time can vary depending on specific factors such as equipment configuration required by the customer or property layout but generally speaking – a standard installation could take around 3 hours including testing & troubleshooting any issues that arise during setup.

  1. Are there any special requirements for installing DStv in an apartment building or complex?

Yes! Installation in buildings or complexes may be subject to additional requirements set forward by local municipalities or management associations responsible for maintaining such premises.

  1. Can I install my own DStv system instead of hiring a professional?

While you’re technically allowed to attempt installations without professional experience – it’s not recommended since improper antenna placement could result interference with other systems and/or pose risks when dealing with heavy equipment at height (dish/satellite).

  • It’s best left up those who’ve received appropriate training/licensing if possible so as not put yourself/others in harm’s way unnecessarily!