Let us connect you with Electric Fencing Experts who offer Electric Fencing for Sale and installation near me. Hire an Electric Fence Installer!

Let us connect you with Electric Fencing Experts who offer Electric Fencing for Sale and installation near me. Hire an Electric Fence Installer!

Securing your property with electric fencing proves to be an effective solution. We provide a platform that links you with certified electric fencing experts in your area.

Whether you’re looking for residential, commercial or agricultural installations, our vast network of Electric fence installers ensures there’s always an expert ready to meet your specific needs.

These professionals offer comprehensive electric fence services that cover both sales and installation of electrified fences.

Ensuring quality products coupled with excellent workmanship, these experts aim to provide robust security solutions tailored to fit all terrains and climatic conditions.

  • They utilize premier brand Nemtek fences and energizers for top-notch performance.

We understand the importance of compliance when it comes to installing electric fencing as per the South African standard. Hence, we connect you only with installers who are well-versed in local regulations ensuring they adhere strictly to them during every stage of the process.

  • This practice guarantees not only optimum functionality but also assures issuance of an Electric Fence Certificate (EFC) post-installation which verifies its legal status.

So, whether you reside in Johannesburg or Pretoria or any other place within South Africa, help is just a call away! Reach out today to find reliable electric fence installers near you offering competitive prices making safety both accessible and affordable.

Unveiling Electric Fencing: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Unveiling Electric Fencing: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Electric fencing stands as a modern solution to security and livestock management. It operates by sending electrical pulses along wires strung out in a fence-like pattern.

  • An energiser unit, powered either by mains electricity or a battery, generates these high-voltage impulses.

This energy then travels along the wires and delivers mild shocks to any living creature that comes into contact with them.

While it may seem daunting, safety lies at its core design principle.

  • The electric shocks are not fatal but provide enough discomfort to deter animals or potential intruders from breaching the boundary.

Contrary to physical barricades like barbed wire fences, electric fences serve mostly as mental barriers for effective perimeter control.

The versatility of this technology stretches across various applications – from pet containment within homes to elephant control in wildlife reserves!

  • Electric fences also come in handy where grazing or pasture management is required making it an invaluable tool for farmers all over South Africa.

Solar-powered options add more value by offering energy efficiency and autonomy, especially useful when grid power is unreliable or unavailable.

  • Various components including insulators, posts, and tapes contribute towards constructing an efficient electric fence line-up providing flexibility according to different use cases and environments.

Maintenance becomes crucial for longevity since weather conditions might impact the effectiveness of your fence — regular checking ensures optimal performance while upholding safety standards.

  • Additionally securing a compliance certificate further endorses safe installation practices aligning with regulatory mandates outlined in our country.

Whether you live in Johannesburg’s suburbs or rural parts of Pretoria East; Cape Town’s coastal belt or inland areas around Durban—professional services can assist you with ideal solutions bespoke to your needs ensuring secure boundaries around properties both urban and agricultural alike across South Africa!

How about taking advantage of one such service? We offer comprehensive guidance on appropriate solutions tailored just right for you encompassing sales & installation services delivered through Electric Fencing Experts locally available near you!

10 Advantages of Electric Fencing in South Africa

  1. Electric fences provide a safer alternative to traditional fences that can cause harm to livestock.
  2. Installing an electric fence is less labour-intensive compared to other fencing options.
  3. The cost of setting up and maintaining an electric fence is more affordable than other types due to the necessity for fewer materials.
  4. It acts as an effective deterrent against unwanted animals, intruders or burglars hence improving security.
  5. Electric fences are more durable and resistant to damage caused by weather or animals.
  6. This type of fencing allows farmers to easily control and manage their livestock’s movement.
  7. It contributes significantly towards conservation efforts by confining wildlife within predefined areas.
  8. Farmers and property owners can keep track of breaches in the fence through alerts from the system which enhances security responsiveness.
  9. It saves space as it uses vertical space, unlike conventional fences that spread out horizontally.
  10. All electric fences must meet specific regulations and standards, ensuring safe use and adding extra peace of mind for users, knowing their fence meets safety requirements in South Africa.

Types of Electric Fencing in South Africa

Discover the different types of electric fencing in South Africa and choose the best one for your needs.

Install Permanent Electric Fencing

Choosing to install permanent electric fencing offers reliable security for your property.

  • This type of fencing is a mainstay in many agricultural and wildlife management areas across South Africa due to its cost-effectiveness, rapid installation process, and persistent deterrent effect on unwanted access.

Property owners also benefit from lower maintenance needs as compared to traditional fence structures.

  • Electric fences are subject to strict legal requirements established by the Department of Labour in South Africa that ensure safe installation and use.

As such, expert electric fence installers adhere strictly to these guidelines during installation to prevent safety risks while maximizing the efficiency of your electrified barriers.

Install Temporary Electric Fencing

Installing temporary electric fencing provides an economical solution for managing boundaries, especially in agricultural setups.

  • It discourages both humans and animals from crossing set boundaries with a mild electric shock.

Also, this method is easily installed with a varying voltage to adapt to your specific needs.

  • Farmers commonly use this type of fencing because it offers optimum use of grazing areas by effectively containing livestock within paddocks.

As noted by Amanda Courtney, owner of Live Wire Products, the flexibility provided by temporary electric fences greatly enhances cattle management practices.

Install Solar Electric Fencing

Harnessing the power of the sun, you can install solar electric fencing that not only saves energy but also cuts down on your electricity bills.

  • These fences are increasingly becoming a popular choice across South Africa due to their numerous benefits.

Being easy to maintain and environmentally friendly makes them an ideal choice for anyone who is conscious about creating minimal impact on nature.

  • Solar-powered electric fences use collectors that absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy, stored in batteries for later use.

Packed with durability, these fences continue to function effectively even during power outages or blackouts ensuring constant protection around the clock.

Regardless of day or night, cloudy or clear skies, expecting optimum performance from your solar electric fence won’t be uncalled for!

Various Electric Fence Components [Electric Fencing Products]

Electric fences require an array of components to effectively discourage intruders, be they human or animal.

  • The energizer and power source form the heart of this security barrier.

They work in unison to create an electric charge that will deter any unwanted individuals from crossing a boundary.

  • Powering these components can either come from a battery or mains electricity supply, providing versatility depending on your setup needs.
  • Your fence wouldn’t function correctly without an earth system made up of grounding rods and clamps in place.

This ensures the released electric shocks have somewhere to go once conducted through anyone breaching your fence line.

  • Each part, whether it’s a high-tensile wire for longevity or pet-safe insulators for protecting smaller animals, has a role to play in maintaining an effective defence circle around your property or livestock field.

It’s not just about keeping unwanted guests out; specific products can ensure safety for those inside too.

  • From gate kits for secure access points to battery-powered options offering portable solutions when you need them most–each product serves its purpose within the broader setup of electric fencing.

With brands such as Nemtek at the forefront of quality electric fencing production, you’ll find all required parts easily accessible across South Africa including Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town among other areas.

Various Electric Fence Energizers and Uses

Electric fence energizers play a fundamental role in powering up your fencing system; they come in various types, each with their distinct uses.

  1. AC Energizers: Utilised primarily for large and permanent electric fencing systems, these energizers convert mains power into potent high-voltage pulses, capable of deterring any intruder from crossing the fence line.
  2. DC Energizers: These are designed specifically for portable or temporary electric fencing systems. They operate on 12 Volt batteries, making them highly efficient for situations where mains power is not readily available.
  3. Solar Energizers: Ideal for remote locations without reliable access to conventional energy sources, solar energizers harness the power of sunlight to generate high-voltage pulses. They also work well for environmentally-conscious premises aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.
  4. Battery-Powered Energizers: Powered by either rechargeable or disposable batteries, battery-powered energizers give flexibility in terms of their placement and use, without dependency on a constant electricity supply.
  5. Dual-Power Energizers: Flexibility is vital when it comes to electric fencing; dual-power energizers can run both on AC and DC power sources, adapting to changing circumstances and ensuring that your security remains uncompromised irrespective of power availability.

Various Electric Fencing wired and Uses

Here are the various types of electric fencing wires and how they are commonly used:

  1. Wire Braid: This type of electric fencing wire consists of multiple strands of stainless steel or galvanized wire woven together. It is commonly used for boundary fences, livestock enclosures, and predator control.
  2. Tape Wire: Made of synthetic material with embedded conductive filaments, tape wire is wider than traditional wire braid. It is often used for horse fencing, as it is highly visible and less likely to cause injury.
  3. Polywire: Similar to tape wire, polywire is made of synthetic materials but has thin metal strands woven into it for conductivity. It is versatile and can be used for temporary fencing or rotational grazing systems.
  4. Rope Wire: This type of electric fence wire consists of tightly woven polyester strands with conductive filaments running through it. It provides high visibility and durability, making it ideal for larger animals such as cattle or horses.
  5. High-Tensile Wire: Made from strong steel material, high-tensile wire can withstand tension while maintaining conductivity. It is commonly used for perimeter security and large-scale agricultural applications.

Various Electric Fence Accessories and Tools and Uses

  1. Fence testers: These are used to check and ensure the effectiveness of your electric fence, making sure it is working properly.
  2. Connectors: Connectors are used to join and secure wires in your electric fence system, ensuring a strong and reliable connection.
  3. Insulators: Insulators play a crucial role in attaching electric wires to fence posts, preventing the flow of electricity into the ground.
  4. Ground rods: Ground rods provide a grounding system for your electric fence, dispersing the electric current safely into the ground.
  5. Corner strainers: These tools help tension and secure the wires at the corners of your electric fence, preventing sagging and maintaining proper tension.

Professional Electric Fencing Services in South Africa

Choose the experts in electric fencing for professional installation and maintenance services across South Africa.

Professional Residential Electric Fencing

Professional residential electric fencing is a reliable and effective security solution for homes in South Africa.

  • It offers peace of mind by creating a strong physical barrier that deters intruders from entering your property.

With the use of electric shocks, this type of fencing ensures added protection against unauthorized access.

  • The voltage delivered by the fence can be adjusted to suit your specific security needs.

Professional electric fencing services in South Africa offer installation and repair services for residential properties, ensuring that your electric fence is installed correctly and maintained to keep your home safe and secure.

Professional Commercial Electric Fencing

Professional Commercial Electric Fencing is a specialized service that offers top-notch security solutions for businesses and commercial properties in South Africa.

  • With the expertise of experienced electric fencing installers, you can ensure that your business premises are well-protected against unauthorized access and potential threats.

These professionals have a deep understanding of the regulations and requirements for electric fencing installations, ensuring compliance and safety.

  • They will work closely with you to design a customized electric fence system that suits your specific needs, providing maximum security for your commercial property.

Whether it’s protecting valuable assets or safeguarding employees, professional commercial electric fencing is an essential investment for businesses looking to enhance their security measures.

Professional Industrial Electric Fencing

Professional Industrial Electric Fencing is a trusted provider of electric fencing services in South Africa.

  • They specialize in installations and repairs for industrial properties, offering top-quality imported and locally manufactured products.

With their expertise, you can expect professional and reliable service to ensure the security of your commercial or industrial premises.

  • Whether you need a new installation or maintenance on an existing electric fence, Professional Industrial Electric Fencing has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Trust them to deliver effective solutions that will keep your property safe and secure.

Professional Agricultural Electric Fencing

Professional Agricultural Electric Fencing is commonly used in South Africa for agricultural purposes.

  • It is a cost-effective and efficient solution for securing agricultural properties.

This type of fencing consists of thin, insulated wires that deliver electric shocks to deter people and animals from crossing the boundary.

  • JVA products, known for their durability in harsh rural environments, are popular options for professional agricultural electric fencing in both Australia and South Africa.

With higher demand in South Africa, Africa, and South America compared to Europe, professional agricultural electric fencing offers farmers peace of mind by providing effective security for their livestock and crops without breaking the bank.

Professional Wildlife Management Electric Fencing

Professional Wildlife Management Electric Fencing is a specialized service offered in South Africa.

  • It is an effective solution for managing and protecting wildlife in various environments.

This type of electric fencing is designed to create a safe barrier that prevents animals from entering or leaving specific areas, ensuring their safety and minimizing human-wildlife conflicts.

  • Experts advocate for the use of professional wildlife management electric fencing as it helps preserve biodiversity and protects vulnerable species.

Proper education and community support are crucial in implementing these interventions successfully.

Animal-Specific Electric Fencing in South Africa

Install Equine Electric Fencing, Livestock Electric Fence, Poultry Electric Fencing, and Pet Electric Fence for effective animal management.

Install Equine Electric Fencing

Equine electric fencing is specifically designed to meet the needs of horses.

  • It provides a safe and effective method for keeping horses within boundaries, ensuring their safety and containment.

With the installation of equine electric fencing, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable horses are secure. It is also an economical option compared to traditional fencing methods.

  • Education through short educational videos can help improve community support for the installation of equine electric fence.

Keep in mind that there are specific legal regulations and guidelines in South Africa for installing equine electric fencing.

Install Livestock Electric Fencing

Protecting your livestock is of utmost importance, and installing livestock electric fence can help you achieve just that.

  • Livestock electric fencing uses a mild shock to act as a deterrent for predators, keeping your animals safe from harm.

With the correct installation and maintenance, this type of fencing has been proven effective in reducing predation on livestock by mammals, minimizing losses and decreasing human-wildlife conflict.

By investing in livestock electric fencing, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your animals while providing yourself with peace of mind.

Install Poultry Electric Fencing

Installing a poultry electric fence is a wise investment for protecting your poultry and ensuring their safety.

  • This type of fencing creates a barrier that deters predators from accessing your birds, while also helping to keep them contained in a designated area.

By using an electric current, the fence delivers a mild shock to any animal that comes into contact with it, teaching them to stay away.

  • It is important to properly train your poultry to recognize and respect the electric fence for it to be effective.

Installing poultry electric fencing provides peace of mind knowing that your valuable birds are protected from harm.

Install Pet Electric Fencing

Installing pet electric fence is a reliable solution to keep your beloved pets safe and secure.

  • This type of fencing creates a psychological fear barrier, discouraging pets from touching the wire.

It is commonly used in South Africa and other regions to reduce conflict between animals and humans.

  • Pet electric fencing is often installed as part of animal-specific electric fence systems, ensuring the safety of your pets while allowing them the freedom to roam within designated areas.

By installing pet electric fencing, you can provide a protective boundary for your furry friends and have peace of mind knowing they are safe from potential dangers beyond the fence.

Electric Fence Installation, Maintenance and Repairs in South Africa

Here are the essential services offered by electric fence experts in South Africa:

  • Expert installation of electric fences according to the specific regulations and standards set by law.
  • Thorough maintenance services to keep your electric fence in top condition and ensure it remains effective at deterring intruders.
  • Prompt repairs for any issues with your electric fence, including fixing faulty energizers or damaged wires.

What is an Electric fence compliance certificate in South Africa?

An Electric fence compliance certificate is a legal requirement when selling a house in South Africa.

  • This certificate ensures that the electric fence installation is compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

It is valid for two years from the date of issue. To obtain this certificate, the energizer used in the electric fence must have a valid Certificate of Compliance from an internationally certified test laboratory.

Minor repairs to the installation do not affect the validity of the certificate. If an electric fence is installed on top of walls, it must be at least 1.5 meters above ground level.

Compare side by side in a table: Professional Electric Fencing Installer vs DIY

Professional Electric Fence Installer DIY Installation
Cost The average cost of professional installation is between R4500 to R35000, depending on the complexity of the installation. DIY installation can be cheaper since you’ll save on labour costs. However, you’ll still need to purchase all the necessary components.
Knowledge and Expertise Professional installers have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that your fence is installed correctly and safely. They understand the components of the fence circuit and how they are connected to an energizer. If you’re unfamiliar with electric fencing, you may struggle with the installation process. You’ll also need to learn how to safely handle the components.
Installation Time A professional installer can complete the job quickly and efficiently, as they’re experienced in electric fence installation. DIY installation may take longer, particularly if it’s your first time installing an electric fence.
Maintenance Professional installers typically offer maintenance services, ensuring your fence remains in top condition. You’ll need to handle any necessary maintenance yourself, including troubleshooting potential issues.
Compliance Certificate A registered electric fence installer can provide you with an electric fence compliance certificate, which is crucial in South Africa. If you install the fence yourself, you’ll have to go through the process of obtaining this certificate on your own.

Use our help to find you Electric Fencing Installers near me

Find qualified Electric Fencing Installers near you with the help of our directory.

  • We understand the importance of finding professionals who specialize in electric fencing installation and are located within your area.

Whether you need residential or commercial services, our directory will assist you in connecting with experienced installers who can handle your specific needs. Take advantage of this valuable resource to ensure that your electric fence is installed correctly and effectively.

Electric Fencing Prices and Installation Costs in South Africa [Electric fence price per meter Price List 2024]

Electric fence prices in South Africa can vary depending on the type and complexity of the installation.

On average, you can expect to pay between R180 and R1 500 per meter for electric fence installation.

The cost includes both materials and labour. For example, a 6 Strand Wall Top electric fence may cost around R180 per meter, while a 30 Strand Free Standing fence could cost up to R1,500 per meter.

  • It’s important to note that these prices are estimates and can be influenced by several factors such as the size of the area needing protection, the type of terrain, and any additional features required like gates or alarm systems.

To get an accurate quote for your specific needs, it is recommended to consult with professional electric fencing installers who will assess your property and provide a personalized price list based on your requirements.

When considering electric fencing installation costs in South Africa, it’s also essential to consider not only the price of materials but also labour costs.

  • Installing an electric fence requires expertise and specialized equipment which contribute to overall expenses.

By choosing professional installers experienced in handling different types of projects, you can ensure high-quality workmanship while staying within budget.

Provinces and Areas where Electric Fencing Services are available in South Africa

Provinces and Areas where Electric Fencing Services are available in South Africa

Here is a list of the regions where you can find professional electric fence installers:

  1. Johannesburg
  2. Alberton
  3. Boksburg
  4. Centurion
  5. Midrand
  6. Polokwane
  7. Pretoria
  8. Pretoria East
  9. Port Elizabeth
  10. Cape Town
  11. Durban
  12. Edenvale
  13. Randburg
  14. Sandton
  15. Nelspruit
  16. East London
  17. Bloemfontein
  18. Fourways
  19. Benoni
  20. Gauteng
  21. Paarl
  22. South Africa
  23. George
  24. Witbank
  25. Kimberley
  26. Pietermaritzburg

Conclusion: Always Hire Expert Electric Fence Installers for a perfect installation or repair – Contact us!

Conclusion: Always Hire Expert Electric Fence Installers for a perfect installation or repair – Contact us!


1. What is electric fencing?

Electric fence is a secure entry solution that uses electricity to prevent animals, such as dogs, cats, sheep and livestock, from leaving or entering an area.

2. How does electric fence installation work?

To install an electric fence, you will need certain supplies including fence posts and wires. An installer near you can help with this – they’ll ground your system properly, set the correct voltage and ensure safety measures are in place.

3. Can I use different types of wire for my electric fence?

Yes! Electric fences may utilise various wire types like high-tensile wire, tape electric fencing or rope-like polywire depending on the purpose – whether it’s for small pets or large cattle.

4. Do I have options when it comes to powering my electric fences?

Surely! Options range from traditional energizers for electrified fences such as Nemtek energizer to more eco-friendly solutions like solar-powered systems or battery-powered devices depending on location and personal preferences.

5. Does setting up an electric fence require maintenance?

Maintaining your electric fencing involves regular inspections for any needed repairs., making sure insulators are working correctly and checking if the charger – also known as the energiser – still produces enough power output.

6. What other services do businesses offer related to electrical fencing?

Other than installs and repairs; suppliers often provide DIY guides, perimeter security solutions, portable systems, pet-safe setups, and assistance towards regulation-compliant installations.