JoJo Tanks for Sale in Your Area: Benefit from the Best JoJo Tank Prices and Installation

JoJo Tanks for Sale in Your Area Benefit from the Best JoJo Tank Prices and Installation

Looking for the best deals on a JoJo tank in your area? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to benefit from competitive prices and expert installation.

  • Read more to find out how you can get connected with approved installers near you.

Your search for JoJo tank Installers ends here: let us connect you with approved ones near you

Your search for JoJo tank Installers ends here let us connect you with approved ones near you

Locating a reliable JoJo tank installer near you is no longer an arduous task. We have streamlined the process to make it quicker and easier for you.

Through our interactive mapping functionality, we can promptly connect you with approved JoJo installers in your vicinity.

These professionals are reputed for their expertise in installing various JoJo products, ensuring both quality installation and excellent customer service.

  • Buying a JoJo tank also becomes simpler as we guide you to the best prices in your area.

So why wait? Dive into the world of hassle-free installation with our trusted associates today!

Your Gateway to the Full Range of JoJo Products in South Africa

JoJo Tanks, the leading supplier of water storage systems in South Africa, offers an extensive assortment of products.

  • Their diverse inventory ranges from different types and sizes of water tanks to vital containers for various applications.

Over the years, they have built a reputation for providing reliable and quality solutions to meet South Africans’ unique needs.

  • Featuring lines such as vertical, slimline and underground water tanks allows JoJo Tanks to cater to every individual customer requirement.

An array of colours adds to the appeal by seamlessly blending with any surrounding structure or landscape.

  • Not just restricted to water storage, JoJo’s product suite also includes chemical tanks suitable for industrial use and septic tanks that provide efficient waste management solutions.

Additionally, their product range extends into agricultural offerings featuring innovative tank designs facilitating crop irrigation during dry periods.

  • Complimenting these are noteworthy accessories like monitoring devices which help keep track of your supply levels without physically checking.

Last but important is their new line dedicated to rainwater harvesting made easy – another leap towards catering for every facet of life’s need for clean accessible water supplies in homes across South Africa.

Expert Sales and Installation for JoJo Water Tanks

Get expert sales advice and professional installation services for JoJo water tanks. Discover the economical options available, including vertical, horizontal, slimline, and underground tanks.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of installing a JoJo tank – read more to find out!

Economical JoJo Vertical Water Tanks

JoJo Tanks presents an economical solution with its line of vertical water tanks.

  • These lightweight units are easy to install and perfect for residential rainwater harvesting, offering a cost-saving method of securing a reliable water supply.

The fit-for-purpose certification ensures quality and performance while the proprietary technology used in their manufacturing guarantees efficiency. With JoJo’s comprehensive guide, customers can confidently choose the ideal tank for their needs.

  • From water filtration to storage solutions, JoJo Vertical Water Tanks are designed to offer robust service at an affordable price point.

Outstanding reliability paired with significant savings makes these tanks an excellent choice for both individuals and businesses alike.

Economical JoJo Horizontal Water Tanks

JoJo Tanks presents a cost-effective solution for all your water storage needs with their range of economical horizontal tanks.

  • These offer practicality and versatility, being perfect for both mobile and stationary installations.

The 1,000-litre capacity tank is particularly desirable as it pairs its high-volume utility with height restrictions compatibility.

  • Boasting an array of colours to suit varied aesthetic preferences, they are not just functional but a pleasing addition to any location too.

Height challenges do not need to be an obstacle; solving that issue is merely part of JoJo’s innovative design approach.

With their durable construction from top-quality materials, these water tanks ensure long-lasting service while keeping maintenance and repair requirements minimal.

Economical JoJo Slimline Water Tanks

Slimline water tanks by JoJo Tanks present a cost-effective, practical solution to water storage issues, especially for those living in urban areas.

  • Their compact design makes them suitable even for smaller properties, with the ability to fit through regular household doors.

Whether you choose the 750-litre size or the larger 1000-litre tank, you can rest assured of its durability and longevity due to the superior quality materials used.

  • Moreover, these tanks are easy to set up – just refer to JoJo Tank’s comprehensive DIY Installation Guide if you wish to do it yourself.

If not, their approved installers are ready at hand for professional assistance.

Economical JoJo Underground Water Tanks

JoJo’s underground water tanks emerge as a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution for your water storage needs.

  • These sturdy tanks feature a robust, ribbed design that provides superior strength, ensuring longevity and reliable service.

An economical choice in terms of space utilization too. The same capacity as an above-ground tank fits neatly under the ground without using up any essential outdoor area.

The manufacturing process used by JoJo lends even more value to these underground units.

  • Each 6,000-litre tank is created with a seamless one-piece rotational molding procedure that eliminates weak spots or possible leak points.

Investing in JoJo underground water tanks also enhances your home’s water security by acting as rainwater harvesting vessels or municipal backups.

Economical JoJo Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks brings an economical solution to rainwater harvesting in South Africa, offering an extensive range of affordable tanks designed specifically for this purpose.

  • These innovative tanks from JoJo not only provide cost savings but also help in water conservation efforts.

Their sturdy design and easy-to-install feature appeal to a wide range of users, from homeowners looking to reduce their water bills, to farmers seeking efficient irrigation solutions.

  • With certifications and proprietary technology expertise, JoJo ensures every tank is highly effective at storing and preserving collected rainwater.

Moreover, these units can be seamlessly added onto existing buildings or incorporated into new constructions which makes them ideally versatile for various situations.

Economical JoJo Chemical Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks offers economical chemical tanks in South Africa, with sizes ranging from 260 to 20,000 litres.

  • These versatile storage solutions cater to varying storage needs across industries.

Available in medium or heavy-duty configurations, JoJo’s well-constructed plastic chemical tanks guarantee durability and longevity.

  • The high-quality materials used in creating these tanks ensure safety for your chemicals stored while offering excellent value for money.

Known for their superior build and notable lifespan, JoJo’s Chemical Tanks have gained a reputation as a trusted choice among customers nationwide.

Their affordability coupled with quality makes them an ideal selection for anyone seeking cost-effective chemical storage options.

Economical JoJo Septic Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks offers economical septic tanks in South Africa that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  • These septic tanks are made from recycled plastic, which helps reduce waste output.

With a range of options to suit different customer requirements, JoJo Tanks ensures that you can find the perfect solution for your sewage disposal needs.

  • These septic tanks aid in the digestion of organic matter and comply with septic tank regulations in South Africa.

Whether you need a small or large capacity tank, JoJo Tanks has got you covered.

Choose an economical JoJo septic tank to efficiently manage your sewage while saving money on installation and maintenance costs.

Economical JoJo Agricultural Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks offers a range of economical agricultural tanks in South Africa. These tanks are designed to meet the specific needs of farmers and other agricultural operations.

  • The company’s tanks are made from locally sourced materials, which helps keep costs down without compromising on quality.

With a 40-year history, JoJo Tanks is a trusted brand in South Africa, known for their expertise and reliable products.

  • Their agricultural tanks are built to withstand the demands of rural environments, providing secure storage for water and other liquids used in farming.

By choosing JoJo Agricultural Tanks, farmers can benefit from affordable solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements.

  • Whether it’s storing water for irrigation or chemicals for crop protection, these tanks offer durability and peace of mind.

With JoJo Tanks’ support for entrepreneurship in South Africa, they continue to contribute to the success and growth of the agricultural industry.

Wide Range of JoJo Tanks Accessories in South Africa

Here are some essential accessories you can find:

  1. Tank Stands: Elevate your tank for better water pressure and easy access.
  2. Tank Gauges: Monitor the water level in your tank to ensure efficient usage.
  3. Leaf Catchers: Prevent leaves and debris from entering your tank, keeping it clean.
  4. First Flush Diverters: Divert the first rainfall away from the tank to remove pollutants.
  5. Filters: Ensure clean and clear water by filtering out impurities.
  6. Overflows: Safely divert excess water away from your tank during heavy rainfall.
  7. Water Pumps: Easily extract water from your tank for various applications.

Affordable JoJo Services in South Africa

Get affordable JoJo services in South Africa for tank installation, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, disinfection, relocation, and custom solutions.

Economical JoJo Tank Installation in your area

Get the most affordable JoJo tank installation in your area and start enjoying the benefits of reliable water storage.

  • With JoJo Tanks, you can trust their 40 years of experience and reputation for providing durable tanks that are perfect for South African conditions.

Whether you need a vertical, horizontal, slimline or underground tank, JoJo has economical options to suit your needs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a quality tank installed at a great price.

Economical JoJo Tank Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining and repairing your JoJo tank is essential to ensure its proper functioning and longevity.

  • Regular maintenance should be carried out, including checking the sludge level and internal cleanliness every two years or as needed.

By doing so, you can prevent any potential damages or issues that may arise from neglecting these tasks.

  • It is also worth noting that JoJo Tanks products often come at a higher price due to their support of locally sourced materials, labour, and expertise.

Therefore, investing in economical maintenance and repairs for your JoJo tank will save you from costly replacements in the long run.

Economical JoJo Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

Regular cleaning and disinfection of your JoJo tank is essential to ensure the quality and safety of your stored water.

  • To effectively clean your tank, make sure to pay close attention to corners and joints where residue can accumulate.

It’s recommended to check the sludge level and internal cleanliness of the tank every 2 years or as needed. By maintaining proper hygiene, you can avoid contamination and ensure that your stored water remains safe for use.

Economical JoJo Tank Relocation

JoJo Tanks offers cost-effective services for relocating your water tank in South Africa.

  • Whether you are moving to a new property or simply need to rearrange your space, JoJo Tanks has you covered.

Their team of experts is equipped with cutting-edge technology and knowledge to handle tank relocation efficiently and safely.

  • With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, JoJo Tanks ensures that your tank is moved seamlessly without any damage or disruption.

Choose from their range of tank sizes and prices to find the perfect solution for your needs. Trust JoJo Tanks for economical and reliable tank relocation services in South Africa.

Economical Custom JoJo Tank Solutions

Get the perfect JoJo tank for your unique needs with our economical custom solutions.

  • Whether you need a larger capacity or a specific shape to fit your space, JoJo Tanks offers custom tank sizes that can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Our goal is to provide you with a cost-effective solution that maximizes water storage while minimizing costs.

  • With our wide range of options and expert advice, we can help you find the ideal custom JoJo tank that suits your budget and ensures efficient water management for your home or business.

Trust in our expertise and choose an economical custom JoJo tank solution today.

Upsides of Installing JoJo Tanks near me

  • Minimum maintenance required for black water treatment, reducing the risk of raw sewerage.
  • Can be connected to the main water supply line, providing a backup solution that automatically fills when mains water is available.
  • Allows for rainwater harvesting, accumulating water whenever it rains.
  • Requires pre – filtration solutions, suitable guttering, and piping for effective rainwater harvesting.
  • JoJo Tanks provides a list of preferred installers who are equipped and capable of installing their tanks.
  • Tanks are made with an additional BPA-free, food-grade black inner layer for safe water storage.

Economical Applications of JoJo Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks are economically versatile and can be used for various applications in South Africa, including residential water storage, commercial water storage, industrial water storage, agricultural water storage, and municipal water storage.

Economical Residential Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers economical storage solutions for residential water storage.

  • With their range of tanks in different sizes and price ranges, homeowners can find the perfect option to fit their needs and budget.

Whether you need a smaller tank for basic household use or a larger tank to store water for gardening and other outdoor activities, JoJo Tanks has got you covered.

  • Their tanks are designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your investment will serve you well for years to come.

Plus, by utilizing rainwater harvesting techniques, homeowners can reduce their reliance on municipal water sources and save money on utility bills. So why not make the smart choice with JoJo Tanks for all your residential water storage needs?.

Economical Commercial Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers cost-effective water storage solutions for commercial applications.

  • Their vertical water storage tanks are designed to be economical and efficient, making them the ideal choice for storing rainwater in commercial settings.

With JoJo Tanks’ fully integrated system, you can combine municipal water backup with rainwater harvesting, ensuring a reliable and sustainable supply of water for your business needs.

  • Their innovative Municipal Backup Solution automatically fills the tank when municipal water is available, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted access to water.

The demand for JoJo Tanks’ commercial water storage solutions continues to grow as businesses recognize the importance of having reliable access to water in their operations.

Economical Industrial Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers economical industrial water storage solutions that are cost-effective and space-efficient.

  • Their vertical water storage tanks are designed to meet the specific needs of industrial applications, providing a reliable and secure source of water for various processes.

These tanks can be filled with municipal water as a backup or used for rainwater harvesting, making them versatile and adaptable to different situations.

  • With a range of sizes available, JoJo Tanks ensures that their industrial water storage tanks are accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Trust in JoJo Tanks’ commitment to providing high-quality water storage solutions that meet the demands of the industrial sector.

Economical Agricultural Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers economical water storage solutions for agriculture. Whether you need to water your crops or provide hydration for your livestock, JoJo Tanks has you covered.

  • Their reliable and durable tanks are designed specifically for agricultural use, ensuring that your water is safe and secure.

With JoJo Tanks, you can invest in an affordable solution for storing water on your farm or agricultural property. Trust the trusted brand in South Africa for all of your agricultural water storage needs – JoJo Tanks.

Economical Municipal Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers economical municipal water storage solutions that provide a reliable backup water supply.

  • These tanks are connected to the main water supply line and automatically fill when there is available mains water.

They can be filled with a predetermined level of municipal water, serving as a permanent backup and allowing for rainwater harvesting as well.

  • With JoJo Tanks, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing they have a safe and secure solution for their water needs during emergencies or periods of drought.

Customize your water storage solution today with JoJo Tanks’ range of tanks and accessories.

Tips for Choosing the Most Suitable JoJo Tank

When choosing a JoJo tank, consider factors such as the size guide and materials comparison to find the perfect fit for your water storage needs.

Navigating JoJo Tank Sizes: A Complete Guide

Consider these factors when navigating through the available sizes:

  1. Water Source and Intended Application: Determine how much water you need to store and for what purpose. This will help you determine the appropriate tank size.
  2. Popular Horizontal Tanks: JoJo offers horizontal tanks in various capacities, ranging from 240 litres to 5500 litres. The 5000-liter and 5500-liter capacities are particularly popular choices.
  3. Potential Savings: Installing a JoJo tank can lead to potential savings on water bills by utilizing water stored in the tank.

Understanding JoJo Tank Materials: A Comparison Guide

  • Polyethylene: The most common material used for JoJo tanks, polyethylene is durable, lightweight, and resistant to UV rays. It is also non-toxic and safe for storing drinking water.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass tanks are known for their strength and durability. They are resistant to rust and corrosion and can withstand extreme weather conditions. However, they are usually more expensive than polyethylene tanks.
  • Steel: Steel tanks offer excellent strength and durability. They are often used for commercial or industrial applications where large volumes of water need to be stored. However, steel tanks can be prone to rust if not properly maintained.
  • Concrete: Concrete tanks are durable and long-lasting. They can be custom-built to any size or shape and are often used for underground water storage. However, concrete tanks can be more expensive than other options and may require regular maintenance.
  • PVC: PVC tanks are lightweight, affordable, and easy to install. They are commonly used for small-scale applications such as rainwater harvesting or garden irrigation. However, PVC tanks may not be suitable for storing drinking water as they may leach chemicals over time.

2024JoJo Tank Prices: Comprehensive Guide for South Africa [JoJo Tanks Price List]

JoJo Tanks is the go-to supplier for water storage tanks in South Africa, offering a comprehensive guide to their tank prices for 2024.

  • Whether you need a tank for residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial purposes, JoJo has got you covered.

Their extensive range of tanks and accessories ensures that you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

When it comes to pricing, JoJo Tanks offers competitive rates without compromising on quality.

  • They understand the importance of affordability and aim to provide cost-effective solutions for all customers.
  • From smaller tanks like the 1000L and 2500L options to larger ones like the 10,000L vertical water storage tank, there’s a wide variety available to suit different budgets.

With JoJo Tanks’ comprehensive guide to tank prices in South Africa for 2024, you can easily compare options and make an informed decision based on your requirements and budget.

Don’t miss out on this valuable resource when looking for high-quality water storage solutions at affordable prices.

South African Areas Served by Reputable JoJo Suppliers

South African Areas Served by Reputable JoJo Suppliers

Discover the extensive reach of reputable JoJo suppliers, serving various provinces and specific neighbourhoods throughout South Africa. Read on to find out how you can connect with them for all your JoJo tank needs.

Expert JoJo Installers Serving Various Provinces

JoJo Tanks is proud to have a team of expert installers who are experienced in serving various provinces throughout South Africa.

  • These professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the installation and maintenance of JoJo Tanks, ensuring that customers receive top-quality service.

Whether you’re located in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, or any other province, our dedicated network of installers is ready to meet your water storage needs.

  • With their expertise, you can trust that your JoJo Tank will be installed correctly and efficiently.

Our expert JoJo installers are committed to providing excellent service to customers across South Africa. You can rely on their expertise and professionalism when it comes to installing your JoJo Tank.

Providing Service to Specific Neighbourhoods

JoJo Tanks is dedicated to serving specific neighbourhoods and areas in South Africa. This means that no matter where you are located, their services are accessible to you.

  • They understand the importance of reaching customers in different regions and ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality JoJo tanks and related products.

So, whether you’re in Alberton, Cape Town, Durban, or any other area, JoJo Tanks will be there to provide you with the service you need.

Conclusion: Get Connected with a Local JoJo Installer! Contact Us!

Conclusion Get Connected with a Local JoJo Installer! Contact Us!

Connect with a local JoJo tank installer today and take advantage of their expertise in sales and installation. Don’t wait any longer to secure your water storage solutioncontact us now!


1. What is a JoJo tank?

A JoJo tank is a popular brand of water storage solutions, including vertical tanks and slimline or underground options, known for their quality fittings and accessories.

2. Where can I find JoJo tanks for sale?

You can find different sizes of JoJo tanks such as 1000l, 2500l, 2400l and even up to 10000 litres on sale at the nearest approved dealer in cities across South Africa like Durbanville, Pretoria East and Sandton.

3. How much does a typical JoJo Tank cost?

The price of a JoJo tank varies depending on its size (for example whether it’s a jojo 1000l or jojo tank 2000l) , material specifications and other included accessories; hence it would be best to check with suppliers or online sources for current prices.

4. Can I install my own JoJo tank?

Yes, you can! With simple hand tools you could follow the provided installation guide but professional services are available from experts if needed with some offering warranty protected installations.

5. Do I need special permissions or permits to install a JoJo water tank?

It depends largely on local regulations which change by area so it’s recommended that you check with authorities around your specific location before embarking on any DIY installation steps.

6.What kind of products do they offer besides water tanks?

Apart from various sized-water tanks, there are also related gardening tools available alongside many other products catering to diverse needs.