We’ll link you with top-tier Local TV Installers for all “TV installations near me” and specialized TV Mounting requirements

We'll link you with top-tier Local TV Installers for all TV installations near me and specialized TV Mounting requirements

Professional TV installers near me specialize in all kinds of ‘TV installations near me,’ ensuring perfect viewing angles and maximum safety. Our dedicated team works relentlessly to connect you with the best local TV installers.

They know their craft and they keep abreast of all latest installation techniques, trends and equipment, guaranteeing superior services every time.

  • Our role as your connection catalyst doesn’t stop at merely finding top-tier local installers for you but extends towards assigning them to fulfill your specialised TV mounting requirements too.

From savvy wall mountings that save space while offering optimal viewing experience; to sturdy ceiling mounts that add a unique touch to your interiors, our partnered installers have been trained in handling every mounting challenge thrown their way.

It doesn’t matter if you want it installed on drywall or over a fireplace – we get it done seamlessly!

Decipher the unmatched Benefits of harnessing Professional TV Installation Services.

Decipher the unmatched Benefits of harnessing Professional TV Installation Services.

Having your TV set up by qualified installers removes all the guesswork from the process. Professional TV installation services guarantee that your television is hung perfectly straight and level, eliminating any dangers of improper mounting.

The convenience provided by these experts allows you to sit back and enjoy your new viewing experience without fussing over intricate setup details.

  • Beyond providing a flawless visual display, professional TV mounting services also offer expert advice on optimal placement for maximum viewing pleasure and enhanced room aesthetics.

Proper positioning not only adds to viewer comfort but can significantly improve picture quality based on lighting conditions.

  • Furthermore, dealing with tangled cables can be a real hassle; this is where pro installation leaps in offering cohesive cable management solutions that ensure neatness around your entertainment unit.

TV installers are equipped to tackle different types of mounts such as fixed wall mounts, tilting wall mounts or full-motion wall mounts – each having its benefits suited to various viewing needs and space constraints.

  • And it’s not just about putting up TVs; many pros also provide soundbar installations and home theater setups ensuring the ultimate immersive multimedia environment right at home.

The world of televisions now extends beyond traditional LED or Plasma units into advanced OLEDs, screens which require careful handling during setup due to their ultra-thin design.

  • Another reason why relying on professionals could prove beneficial in preserving the integrity of these high-end devices.

So, whether you’re unwrapping brand new Samsung in Johannesburg, upgrading an LG model in Cape Town or revamping a Philips system anywhere else in South Africa — professional TV Installation services make perfect sense.

Pan-South African Reach: Delivering paramount TV Installation Services throughout South Africa, including:

We provide top-notch TV installation services all across South Africa

High-grade Wall Mounting

Enjoy the immersive viewing experience of your flat screen TV with high-grade wall mounting services.

  • Wall mounting not only optimizes your room’s space, but it also enhances your television viewing by positioning the TV at a comfortable eye level.

With professionals offering top-quality installation services, expect nothing short of precision and durability.

Made to impeccably hold up modern panel TVs, these sturdy mounts boast corner mounting and swivelling capabilities that allow you to adjust viewing angles as per convenience effortlessly.

Coupled with harmonious soundbar installation or surround sound system setup, this can wholly transform your entertainment game at home.

  • From television video clarity to audio-visual setup perfection – everything just gets better with wall mounting!

Whether it’s an LED TV installation or OLED TV setup you’re considering; high-grade wall mounts are compatible across different models – Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic to name a few celebrated brands preferred in South Africa.

  • Remember how essential accessories complete any ensemble? That stands true for televisions too.

Once installed on a robust bracket fitting, complement it further using cohesive cable management solutions for an organized look.

Elevated Ceiling Mounting techniques

Elevated Ceiling Mounting presents a unique viewing experience that can redefine your TV time.

  • Professional installers armed with unmatched expertise, meticulously execute these ceiling mount installations.

We believe in neat arrangements; hence we provide cable management solutions to keep your setup tidy and organized.

  • Serving all of South Africa, our professionals come prepared with superior tools and techniques for elevated ceiling mounting services which ensure durability and safety.

This innovative approach not only optimizes space but also caters to various viewing angles – creating an immersive multimedia experience like never before!

With professionals at your service, you will witness the transformation of regular television watching into something extraordinary right within the comforts of your own home!

Chic Fireplace Mounting services

Keeping up with the latest trends, we offer Chic Fireplace Mounting services.

  • This service goes beyond convention and allows you to create an exquisite focal point in your living area.

Our knowledgeable technicians ensure the heat from your fireplace does not affect your television’s performance or lifespan. We implement smart techniques for superior viewing angles without compromising on style or safety!

Fortified Outdoor Mounting provisions

Braving the elements, our fortified outdoor mounting provisions can withstand South Africa’s diverse weather conditions.

  • We make use of top-tier wall mounts and brackets that guarantee a secure and stable TV installation for your open-air entertainment experiences.
  • Carefully crafted procedures ensure your television remains safe during unexpected storms or winds, providing durability with aesthetics in mind.

Our commitment to quality ensures maximum customer satisfaction as we transform outdoor spaces into leisurely viewing spots using high-grade materials, meticulous techniques, and an unwavering attention to detail.

Cohesive Cable Management solutions

Tangled cables can be an eyesore and a hazard in any home entertainment setup.

  • Our Cohesive Cable Management solutions ensure your TV installation is neat, safe and professionally handled.

By employing the top cable management for TVs, we strategically conceal wires within walls or use discrete tubing depending on your space’s layout. Not only does this maintain a sleek aesthetic but also proves instrumental in preventing trips and falls.

  • Our advanced ICT understanding has led us to incorporate innovative measures that allow easy access for future cable substitutes or additions.

Besides making it easy to upgrade your system later, these solutions are compatible with all kinds of setups – Plasma, LED or OLED TVs, offering streamlined organization regardless of the complexity of your home cinema integration.

South Africa wide services are available from Johannesburg to Durban, quality service is always nearby!

Harmonious Soundbar Installation

Experts believe in enhancing your entertainment experience through harmonious soundbar installation.

  • Our skilled technicians work diligently, ensuring a seamless and efficient process whilst adhering to high professional standards.

We pride ourselves on offering the best soundbar installation services across South Africa.

  • You’re guaranteed an impressive auditory experience as part of our comprehensive TV mounting package.

With expert installers, you can sit back and enjoy optimal audio clarity from your installed soundbar, without worrying about the intricacies of setup and calibration!

Ultimate Home Theater Experiences

Professional installers are dedicated to providing ultimate home theater experiences throughout South Africa.

  • With our professional TV installation services, you can transform your living room into a captivating entertainment hub.

Whether you’re looking for high-grade wall mounting, cohesive cable management solutions, or harmonious soundbar installation, we have the expertise and services to enhance your viewing experience.

  • Our knowledgeable technicians ensure precise TV calibration and create an immersive environment that brings movies and shows to life.

Trust expert installers to deliver the best in-home theater experiences for your enjoyment.

Focused TV Calibration.

Ensure maximum picture quality and colour accuracy with our focused TV calibration services.

  • Our expert technicians use advanced tools and techniques to calibrate your TV, adjusting settings such as brightness, contrast, and colour temperature to provide a truly immersive viewing experience.

Say goodbye to washed-out colours or overly dark scenes – our precise calibration ensures that every detail on your screen comes to life. Trust us to fine-tune your TV for optimal performance, so you can enjoy your favourite shows and movies in stunning clarity.

Mounts of All Kinds: Dive into our expansive TV Wall Mounting Options:

Explore our wide range of TV wall mounting options, including rock-solid fixed mounts, dynamic tilting mounts, fluid full-motion mounts, and ascending ceiling mounts.

Rock-solid Fixed Wall Mounts

Rock-solid Fixed Wall Mounts are the perfect choice for securely mounting your TV on the wall.

With options like the Fixed TV Wall Mount WM4219 by One For All, which is suitable for TVs from 19 to 43 inches, and the Fixed TV Wall Mount WM4611, which works with TVs from 32 to 90 inches, you can find a mount that fits your TV perfectly.

These wall mounts offer a slim profile design and a low wall-to-TV distance of just 25 mm, ensuring that your TV sits close to the wall for a sleek and stylish look.

  • Plus, with mounting materials included, installation is quick and hassle-free.

Say goodbye to wobbly or crooked TVs – choose a rock-solid fixed wall mount for added stability and peace of mind.

Dynamic Tilting Wall Mounts

Dynamic tilting wall mounts offer an easy and efficient way to enhance your TV viewing experience.

  • With the ability to angle the TV vertically up to 15 degrees, these mounts allow you to reduce glare and optimize your viewing angles.

Whether you want to mount your TV higher above eye level or need better positioning for a fireplace setup, dynamic tilting wall mounts can accommodate your needs. There is a wide variety of options available, designed for different TV sizes and weights.

  • For example, experts offer a versatile tilting wall mount suitable for TVs ranging from 42 to 100 inches, supporting weights up to 100 kg.

So, take advantage of these dynamic tilting wall mounts and enjoy a more comfortable and immersive television experience in any room of your home.

Fluid Full-Motion Wall Mounts

One For All offers a range of fluid full-motion wall mounts that provide flexibility and optimal viewing angles for your TV.

  • With a 120-degree turning feature, these mounts allow you to adjust the position of your TV easily.

Designed with strength in mind, these robust mounts can securely hold TVs weighing up to 60 kg.

Whether you have a smaller or larger TV, there is a suitable mount available, such as the WM4661 for TVs ranging from 32 to 90 inches and the WM4459 for TVs ranging from 32 to 65 inches.

Ascending Ceiling Mount options.

If you’re looking for a unique and space-saving way to install your TV, consider the ascending ceiling mount option.

These mounts allow you to suspend your TV from the ceiling, creating a sleek and modern look in your home.

With an ascending ceiling mount, you can easily adjust the height of your TV to find the perfect viewing angle.

  • Whether you want to watch TV from your bed or position it higher up in a large room, this option provides flexibility and convenience.

Say goodbye to bulky TV stands or wall mounts – with an ascending ceiling mount, you can make the most of your space while enjoying optimal viewing pleasure.

With ascending ceiling mounts, there are various types available depending on your needs.

  • From fixed positions that keep your TV securely in place to adjustable mounts that allow for swivelling and tilting options, there is an ascending ceiling mount suitable for every preference.

These mounts are designed to be durable and reliable, ensuring that your TV stays safely suspended from above. Plus, they offer a minimalist aesthetic that complements any interior design style.

Accessorize Right: Introducing a full spectrum of essential TV Mounting Accessories.

Let our reliable TV installation services near you help you with all your TV Mounting Accessories

All Screens, One Specialist: Highlighting the multifarious Types of TVs we’re experts at installing.

Our team of experts specializes in installing a wide range of TV models and sizes. Whether you have a sleek OLED TV or a high-performance QLED TV, we have the knowledge and experience to handle it all.

We understand the unique features and specifications of each type of TV, allowing us to provide precise installations that maximize your viewing experience.

  • When it comes to OLED TVs, we appreciate their superior uniformity and wide viewing angles, ensuring that every seat in your room offers an exceptional picture quality.
  • Meanwhile, LCD TVs may suffer from fading and loss of contrast when viewed from different angles.

But don’t worry, our specialists know how to optimize these TVs for the best possible viewing angle.

  • We’ve also done our homework on the top TV brands for 2023. Samsung and LG are among our favourites due to their impressive image quality and innovative features.

From TCL to Hisense and Sony, we’re well-versed in installing TVs across various brands.

So, whether you’re looking for a stunning LG C2 or another leading brand’s model, trust us as your go-to specialists for flawless installations.

Brands We Swear By: Celebrating the TV Brands our dedicated TV Installers hold in high regard in South Africa: Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, TCL, Philips, and Hisense.

Our dedicated TV installers in South Africa hold a special affinity for top-notch brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, TCL, Philips, and Hisense.

  • These brands have earned their reputation as industry leaders by consistently delivering high-quality TVs that meet the demands of discerning customers.

With a range of cutting-edge features and impressive picture quality, these brands ensure an immersive viewing experience like no other.

Whether you’re looking for sleek designs, vibrant colours, or advanced smart functionality, you can trust our experts to provide professional installation services for these trusted TV brands.

Nearby Professionals: Entrust your needs to our premier TV Mount Installers, just a stone’s throw away:

Our premier TV Mount Installers are just a stone’s throw away, ready to handle all your installation needs.

Vets in the field backed by impressive credentials

Our team of TV mount installers are highly experienced and have impressive credentials in the field.

  • They have the necessary qualifications and expertise to handle all types of TV installations.

You can trust that they will provide professional and reliable service, ensuring that your TV is mounted securely and correctly. With their extensive knowledge and skills, you can have peace of mind knowing that your TV installation is in capable hands.

Consistent rave reviews from satisfied clientele.

Our premier TV Mount Installers have earned a stellar reputation for consistently receiving positive reviews from satisfied clients.

  • This indicates a high level of customer satisfaction with the services provided by these professionals.

The glowing testimonials highlight their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Trust in our nearby TV Mount Installers who have proven time and again that they can exceed your expectations and provide you with the outstanding TV installation experience you deserve.

Clear-Cut Pricing 2023: Shedding light on our TV Installation Prices in South Africa:

Clear-Cut Pricing 2023 Shedding light on our TV Installation Prices in South Africa

Discover the transparent and straightforward TV installation prices we offer in South Africa for 2023.

A concise table delineating Premium from basic TV installation charges.

TV Installation Services Basic TV Installation Premium TV Installation
Wall Mounting 2 000 ZAR 3 000 ZAR
Elevated Ceiling Mounting 2 500 ZAR 3 500 ZAR
Fireplace Mounting 2 500 ZAR 4 000 ZAR
Outdoor Mounting 3 000 ZAR 4 500 ZAR
Cable Management Included Included
Soundbar Installation 1,000 ZAR 1 500 ZAR
Home Cinema Experience Not Available 5 000 ZAR
TV Calibration 500 ZAR Included

Obtain your zero-cost TV Installation Projections.

Get a clear picture of what it will cost to have your TV installed with our zero-cost TV Installation Projections.

  • Our article provides detailed information on the pricing for premium and basic TV installation services in South Africa.

Whether you’re looking to mount your TV on the wall, hide wires, or set up a complete home theater system, we’ve got you covered. Don’t worry about any hidden fees – we believe in transparent pricing so you can make an informed decision.

  • Take advantage of our professional TV installers who are ready to provide immediate service without any call-out costs.

Get started today and enjoy the ultimate TV viewing experience hassle-free.

Taking the Next Step? We’re all ears, ready to amplify your TV experience.

Taking the Next Step We're all ears, ready to amplify your TV experience.

We’re here to help you take your TV experience to the next level. Our team is eager to assist and amplify your viewing pleasure.

  • Whether you need expert advice on TV installations, professional mounting services, or home theater setups, we’ve got you covered.

With our top-tier local TV installers and a wide range of services, we’ll ensure that every aspect of your TV installation is optimized for the best possible experience. So don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re all ears and ready to make your TV dreams a reality.

Let us be your connection catalyst in finding the right solutions for all your TV needs.

  • From wall mounting options to cable management solutions, our experienced professionals will deliver paramount service throughout South Africa.

And with our clear-cut pricing and no hidden fees, you can trust that you’ll receive exceptional quality at an affordable price. Don’t wait any longer – take the next step and let us enhance your TV experience today!


1. What services does a TV installation company offer?

A TV installation company provides a range of services, including flat screen wall mounting, ceiling TV mount installations, professional TV setup and home theater configuration.

2. How can I find a reliable TV installation near me?

You could get quotes from different tv mounting experts and compare their rates, service packages, and customer reviews before deciding on the best professionals for your television calibration needs.

3. What’s included in the typical cost of wall bracket Installation or other related setup charges?

The cost typically covers labour by audio-visual technicians, spare parts like the best TV wall brackets necessary for the job, and completion of tasks like fitting up the required cable connections.

4. Is it better to go with premium vs basic TV installation pricing?

This largely depends on your requirements; while basic install generally includes simple wall-mounting or stand assembly tasks; premium costs account for more complex setups like surround sound system installations or home cinema configurations.

5. How long do flat screen setup or Plasma Tv installs usually take?

The time varies based on complexity but most Television setup professionals can complete standard jobs within a few hours — factors could include whether you’re opting for Ceiling Tv Installation vs Wall mounts, etc.

6. Are there any special discounts available when purchasing bulk tv setup deals?

Many businesses may offer promotional offers such as an installation voucher as part of package deal offerings that cover multiple TVs being installed at once – always ask companies about their current promotions.