Let us show you the finest Wendy Houses for Sale: Direct from the Manufacturer quality, Affordable Prices, and Expert Installation

Our company provides some of the finest Wendy Houses for sale. We assure you that our products are direct from the manufacturer, thus ensuring quality and affordable prices.

Quality control is at the heart of our operations as every Wendy house we sell reflects our commitment to providing premium wooden homes to our customers.

We offer a range of wood-based products, including Nutec and traditional wood. These structures come in varied designs tailored to preference or need – be it as a workspace or kitchen, an office unit or a pet-centric home for dogs.

In addition to top-tier materials and design variety, enjoy expert installation services when you purchase your Wendy houses from us. Our professional wendy house installers handle each project meticulously, installing your new space with high precision while adhering strictly to safety standards.

This way you can relish a hassle-free experience knowing your investment is in safe hands from manufacturing through installation.

Accredited Wendy Houses Services in South Africa

Accredited Wendy Houses Services in South Africa

Get access to accredited Wendy House design, construction, installation, repairs, renovations, and relocation services in South Africa from our team of experts.

Accredited Wendy House Design and Planning

Investing in Wendy houses has become increasingly popular, notably due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness.

  • Accredited design and planning services are imperative for ensuring your Wendy house meets all of your needs while adhering to safety standards.

Expert designers work closely with you, bringing your vision to life, whether it’s a home office, playroom or garden shed.

  • Precision is vital in the planning phase; each detail such as window placement and interior layout is diligently drawn using advanced software for an accurate representation of the final product.

Having an accredited team ensures that everything from structural integrity to aesthetic appeal is meticulously planned before construction begins. Such attention not only guarantees a flawless finish but also helps avoid unexpected issues during installation or future use.

Accredited Wendy House Construction

Investing in a Wendy house demands skilled craftsmanship and quality materials.

  • Accredited Wendy House Construction guarantees these essential elements, offering confidence to potential buyers.

South Africa’s premier accreditation body (SANAS) oversees the recognition of contractors in this industry, assuring that your wendy house will meet all necessary standards.

  • Relying on accredited services helps you dodge pitfalls like falling prey to so-called “free-ad cowboys” notorious for poor quality work.

Accredited Wendy House Installation

Accredited Wendy House installation ensures a long-lasting and sturdy structure that brings to life your perfect Wendy House vision.

  • High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship guide the process, both hallmarks of accredited manufacturers in South Africa.

A precise eye for detail and adherence to stringent construction standards characterise these installations, ensuring top-notch finishes every step of the way.

  • If you’re after a smoothly completed project without hiccups or costly adjustments later on, choose an accredited installer for your next Wendy House project.

The journey from design conception to final assembly is seamless with experienced professionals at the helm!

Accredited Wendy House Repairs

Accredited Wendy house repairs in South Africa ensure the longevity of your cherished structures.

  • With our first-class, time-conscious service, we provide top-notch restoration.
  • We handle all kinds of damages, from leaky roofs to rotten wooden panels and unstable foundations.

Whether your Wendy house is a retreat spot in the suburbs or an office space downtown, count on us for professional repair solutions that stand up against time and elements.

  • Discretion is paramount to us; therefore any sensitive information exposed during our operations stays confidential.

Our team comprises highly skilled craftsmen qualified for diverse repair needs – such has made us a go-to name when terms like ‘wendy house repairs near me’ or ‘wendy house manufacturers in Pretoria’ get searched online.

No matter how unique or complicated the damage may seem, our accredited professionals offer solutions tailored specifically to breathe new life into your Wendy houses – ensuring they continue meeting your expectations perfectly.

Accredited Wendy House Renovations

Renovating your Wendy house can transform it from a simple structure into an extension of your home.

  • Accredited professionals take care in applying new paint, replacing broken windows, or installing insulation to enhance the functionality and appearance of these structures.

They also pay attention to foundations, ensuring they remain sturdy and safe regardless of weather conditions. Challenges arise when dealing with aged Wendy houses but experienced technicians capably handle such issues without compromising the quality or safety standards.

  • Regardless of if you want a refreshed look or need substantial structural changes, accredited renovation services ensure that renovations meet your expectations while adhering to established guidelines.

Contractors are seasoned experts in this field, offering affordable rates for their comprehensive renovation services.

  • They use top-quality materials for all types of renovations including Nutec Houses and Log Houses; providing customers with durable solutions that stand the test of time.

From large-scale reconstruction projects to minor aesthetic enhancements, these certified specialists consistently deliver exceptional results within reasonable timelines.

When selecting a contractor for renovating your Wendy house, opt for approved providers who combine expertise with assurance – making sure every step taken revitalizes your beloved Wendy house without causing undue stress on you as an owner.

Accredited Wendy House Relocation

Moving a Wendy house is no small feat, but with accredited Wendy House Relocation services, it becomes a manageable task. This service takes the strain out of relocating your cherished structure to a new location.

  • With professional teams boasting accreditation from trustworthy South African bodies such as SANAS or approved by the Independent Regulatory board for Auditors, you can rest assured that your Wendy house is in safe hands.

Relocating often involves careful deconstruction and detailed reassembly procedures, ensuring that all parts of your wooden home are preserved and safely transported.

  • Companies specialise in these meticulous relocation operations alongside other general home services.

Their expertise extends not only to typical Wendy houses but also Nutec Houses and Log Houses among others. Choose peace of mind with an accredited service for effective and efficient Wendy House relocation.

10 Gains of professional Wendy House builders

Enlisting the services of professional Wendy House builders comes with numerous advantages.

  1. You get access to highly skilled and experienced professionals who specialize in building wooden Wendy houses.
  2. These experts help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in Wendy house construction, ensuring a smooth building process.
  3. Professional builders possess necessary building knowledge and equipment for successful projects.
  4. They offer a wide range of services, from small garden sheds to fully functioning houses.
  5. They provide affordable and versatile solutions for building Wendy houses.
  6. Professional work is guaranteed with high – quality finishes that stand the test of time.
  7. They also take on custom projects, tailoring the design of your Wendy house to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  8. Timely delivery and setup of your Wendy house are ensured, saving you valuable time and effort.
  9. Their vast experience allows them to handle any potential challenges that may arise during the construction process effortlessly.
  10. Most importantly, they prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering superior service throughout every stage of the project – from planning to installation.

Accredited Wendy House Installation Services Available throughout South Africa

Get your Wendy House installed professionally with the help of our accredited installation services.

  • We offer reliable and high-quality installations for Wendy Houses of all types throughout South Africa.

Our team of experts is trained and experienced in handling all aspects of the installation process, ensuring that your Wendy House is set up correctly and securely.

  • Whether you’re looking to install a standard Wendy House, a log cabin, or a custom-designed unit, we have the expertise to get the job done right.

Trust us for accredited Wendy House installation services that meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations. Contact us today to schedule your installation and turn your dream into reality.

Exploring South African Wendy House Designs

Discover a range of South African Wendy House designs, including traditional, modern, eco-friendly, and multi-purpose options to suit your style and needs.

Time-tested Standard Wendy Houses

Standard Wendy Houses have stood the test of time as a reliable and versatile option for various needs.

  • These traditional wooden structures, typically made from sturdy materials such as boards fixed across the width, are known for their durability and classic charm.

Whether you need an additional storage space, a cozy playhouse for your children, or even a comfy shelter for your furry friends, standard Wendy Houses offer practical solutions.

  • With their timeless design and quality construction, these tried-and-true structures continue to be popular among homeowners in South Africa.

So why not invest in a time-tested standard Wendy House that will meet your specific needs while adding value to your property?

Natural-feel Log Cabin Wendy Houses

Professional companies specialize in constructing natural-feel log cabin Wendy houses.

  • These houses are built with a timber frame, giving them a rustic and charming appearance.

Not only do they provide a natural and warm feel, but they also offer excellent aesthetic appeal.

The companies that offer these log cabins often provide customized designs to meet your specific needs and preferences.

  • What’s more, there are options available at affordable prices, with some even offering log cabin Wendy houses under R3 000.

Experience the beauty of nature right in your backyard with these natural-feel log cabin Wendy houses from trusted manufacturers.

Innovative Nutec Wendy Houses

Innovative Nutec Wendy Houses are gaining popularity as a modern and durable housing option.

  • Made from the versatile material known as Nutec, these Wendy houses can be custom-built to meet your specific needs in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

With competitive pricing and a guarantee of high quality, Nutec Wendy Houses offer a range of options including log homes, tiny homes, holiday homes, lodges, offices, and domestic quarters.

Take advantage of the opportunity to design your own unique Nutec Wendy House that suits both your style preferences and practical requirements.

Artistic Custom Wendy Houses

Wendy houses in South Africa can be transformed into stunning works of art with custom designs.

  • These artistic custom Wendy houses are not only functional but also add a touch of creativity to any property.

Whether you want a whimsical playhouse for your children or a unique backyard office space, the possibilities are endless.

  • Companies specialize in creating custom builds that match your specific vision and taste.

With their expertise, you can have a one-of-a-kind Wendy house that blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of your property, adding both practicality and artistic value. So why settle for ordinary when you can have an extraordinary Wendy house designed just for you?

Workspace Wendy House Office Units

Workspace Wendy House Office Units are a popular option for those looking to create a productive and comfortable workspace in the comfort of their own backyard.

These units are designed specifically for office use, offering a separate and private space away from the distractions of home life.

With various sizes available, you can choose the perfect unit to fit your needs and accommodate your work requirements.

  • Made from durable materials such as CCA Treated Pine, these Wendy House Office Units offer longevity and stability.

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or need a dedicated space for remote work, consider investing in a Workspace Wendy House Office Unit to create your ideal home office setup.

Our expert team will guide you through the design process to ensure that your unit meets all your specific needs and requirements.

Pet-centric Wendy Houses for Dogs

Pet-centric Wendy Houses for dogs provide a high-quality and comfortable home for your furry friends.

  • These specially designed Wendy houses offer a modern alternative to traditional dog kennels, ensuring that your pets have a cozy space of their own.

Whether you have small or large dogs, these pet-centric Wendy houses are spacious enough to accommodate them comfortably.

  • With a variety of designs and sizes available, you can find the perfect fit for your canine companion.

Give your beloved pets the comfort and security they deserve with a pet-centric Wendy House designed just for them!

Entrepreneurial Wendy House Shops

Entrepreneurial Wendy House Shops in South Africa are the go-to destinations for exploring and discovering a wide range of unique and creative Wendy House designs.

These shops provide customers with the opportunity to see different styles, sizes, and features that can be incorporated into their own Wendy Houses.

From traditional designs rooted in history to modern and eco-friendly options, these shops showcase it all.

  • Whether you’re looking for a workspace office unit or a pet-centric Wendy House for your furry friend, entrepreneurial Wendy House shops have something to cater to everyone’s needs and preferences.

So why settle for ordinary when you can explore the extraordinary at these innovative establishments?

Practical Wendy House Toilet Solutions

Experts specialize in providing high-quality bathrooms for Wendy houses and the affordable housing market in South Africa.

  • They offer a range of practical toilet solutions specifically designed for Wendy houses, ensuring functionality and convenience.

These toilets are suitable for various property types, including holiday rentals and affordable housing developments.

Say goodbye to inconvenient trips to outdoor facilities with these practical Wendy House toilet solutions.

All About Wendy Houses in South Africa: From Sizes to Add-Ons

Discover the key insights on sizes and dimensions, breakdown of materials used, spotlight on roofing and insulation techniques, overview of windows and doors varieties, as well as exciting optional add-ons to consider when it comes to Wendy houses in South Africa.

Key Insights on Sizes and Dimensions

Wendy Houses in South Africa come in nine different sizes, providing options to suit various needs and spaces. These sizes range from 1.5 x 1.5 meters, which comes with a single window, to larger dimensions such as 1.8 x [unknown dimension].

The standard Tongue and Groove Wendy House includes windows and is based on the nominal roof dimension.

  • It’s important to note that an additional 10% is added to the price for Wendy Houses with walls measuring 2.1 meters high.

With these options available, customers can find the perfect size to meet their requirements and preferences when it comes to purchasing a Wendy House.

Breakdown of Materials Used

Most Wendy houses in South Africa are constructed using a variety of materials. The most common material is corrugated iron, which is known for its durability and affordability.

  • This type of material provides excellent protection against the elements and is suitable for both walls and roofs.

Another popular option is wood, typically pine boards, which gives a more traditional look to the Wendy house. However, an alternative to traditional pine boards is Nutec boards, which are made from a combination of cement, wood fibers, and additives.

  • Nutec Wendy houses have gained popularity due to their long lifespan and resistance to weathering.

Additionally, there are also Wendy houses made from other materials such as metal and PVC available on the market.

Spotlight on Roofing and Insulation Techniques

Alububble roof insulation is an essential component in maintaining a comfortable interior temperature in your Wendy house or shed.

  • It helps to keep the inside cool during the hot summer months and warm during winter.

Nutec Wendy houses offer two types of roofs: pitched and flat. The flat roof slopes from one end to the other, ensuring proper drainage.

  • When it comes to roofing materials, Timbacore uses high-quality Colorbond and Zincalume sheets that are 0.47mm thick for their Wendy houses.

These materials provide durability and protection against the elements. If affordability is a priority for you, wooden Wendy houses are a great option as they offer both versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Overview of Windows and Doors Varieties

Professional companies offer a wide range of windows and doors options to suit your needs.

  • Our expert builders optimize the number and position of windows in each Wendy House, ensuring that there is ample natural light and practicality.

The wooden window frames are carefully designed to match the overall aesthetic of the Wendy House.

  • We use sustainable hardwood and work with reputable window manufacturers who adhere to SABS specifications, guaranteeing world-class quality.

Whether you prefer traditional pane glass windows or more modern designs, we have a variety of options available for you to choose from. Similarly, our door varieties range from classic wooden doors to more contemporary styles.

  • Your Wendy House will be equipped with high-quality windows and doors that not only enhance its functionality but also add beauty to your space.

Experts understand that every customer has unique preferences when it comes to their windows and doors. That’s why we offer customization options so you can create a Wendy House that perfectly fits your vision.

Exciting Optional Add-Ons to Consider

You have the option to customize your Wendy House with some exciting add-ons.

  • Consider adding insulation to keep your cabin comfortable all year round. You can also choose custom doors and windows for a personalized touch.

If you want to use your Wendy House as a workspace or living space, consider adding electrical wiring and plumbing connections. These optional extras will enhance the functionality and comfort of your Wendy House, making it even more enjoyable for you and your family.

Exploring the Aesthetic Designs of Wendy Houses in South Africa

Discover the rich aesthetic diversity of wendy houses in South Africa, ranging from traditional designs rooted in heritage to modern, sustainable visions for the future.

Rooted in Tradition: Traditional Designs

Wendy houses in South Africa often showcase traditional designs that are rooted in the country’s rich cultural heritage.

  • These designs draw inspiration from traditional houses and reflect different economic situations.

With their charming aesthetics, these traditional Wendy house designs offer a sense of nostalgia and create a cozy atmosphere.

Whether it’s the classic cottage-style design or the iconic African hut-inspired structure, these traditional Wendy houses embody a timeless charm that many customers find appealing.

The Future in Mind: Modern Designs

Modern designs are the way forward when it comes to Wendy houses in South Africa.

  • These designs are all about embracing innovation and creating spaces that meet the needs of today’s customers.

With modern Wendy house designs, you can expect sleek lines, contemporary finishes, and a focus on functionality. These houses are not just practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, with clean and minimalistic features.

Whether you’re looking for a backyard office or a stylish playhouse for your children, modern Wendy house designs offer endless possibilities.

Embrace the future with these cutting-edge designs that are sure to impress.

  • Incorporating sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices is a key aspect of modern design in Wendy houses.

With a push towards sustainability in mind, these houses often use energy-efficient insulation materials and incorporate renewable resources where possible.

Sustainable Visions: Eco-Friendly Designs

Eco-friendly designs for Wendy houses in South Africa are becoming increasingly popular.

  • These designs prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness, making them a great choice for those looking to minimize their ecological impact.

Nutec Wendy Houses, for example, offers four different exterior profiles to choose from, each incorporating eco-friendly materials and construction techniques.

With the demand for sustainable designs on the rise, it’s clear that more people are embracing environmentally conscious options when it comes to their Wendy house needs.

Adaptable Spaces: Multi-Purpose Designs

Wendy houses in South Africa are known for their adaptable and multi-purpose designs.

  • These versatile structures can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as residences, guest houses, tool sheds, and even site accommodation or storage.

With their customizable layouts and flexible spaces, Wendy houses provide practical and cost-effective solutions for various needs.

  • Whether you’re looking for extra living space or a functional workspace, these adaptable designs offer endless possibilities.

Professionals offer a range of multi-purpose Wendy houses and storage solutions in Southern Africa, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your requirements.

South African Wendy Houses: Pricing Structure for 2024 [Price Lists]

Discover the comprehensive pricing structure for South African Wendy Houses in 2024 and find out which option suits your budget and needs.

The Standard Wendy House Prices Guide

Discover the standard pricing guide for Wendy houses in South Africa.

  • Whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden structure or an innovative Nutec design, this guide will give you an idea of what to expect.

Prices listed include windows and are based on the roof dimensions of the Wendy house, with an additional 10% for 2.1m walls. Keep in mind that these prices are indicative and may vary depending on the size and materials used.

Treat yourself to a durable and affordable Wendy house that fits your budget!

Delving into Log Cabin Wendy House Prices

Log cabin wendy houses in South Africa come in various sizes and roof dimensions, which can affect the pricing.

  • Professionals provide a price list that includes log cabin prices along with other options like Nutec and traditional wooden wendy houses.

Discounts are available on 1-2-3 bedroom options, offering savings to customers. If you have specific requirements, custom-built log cabins and wendy houses can be made according to your specifications.

Spotlight on Nutec Wendy House Prices

Nutec Wendy Houses are gaining popularity in South Africa due to their modern design and durability.

  • When it comes to the prices of Nutec Wendy Houses, they can vary depending on factors such as size and materials used.

For smaller units, you can expect to pay around R4 500. However, larger units can cost over R50 000.

So, if you’re looking for a quality Nutec Wendy House at an affordable price, look no further than professional companies.

Bespoke Custom Wendy House Prices

Our bespoke custom Wendy houses offer a unique and personalized option for those looking for something beyond the standard designs.

With prices starting at R6 556.00, you can have a custom-built Wendy house that perfectly fits your needs and preferences.

Whether you want additional features like larger windows or unique exterior finishes, our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

  • The base price includes a Tongue and Groove structure with windows, but keep in mind that there may be additional costs if you prefer walls that are 2.1m high.

Don’t miss out on the savings of up to 15% available on our range of bespoke Wendy houses!

Geographical Reach of Value-driven Wendy House Builders in South Africa

Geographical Reach of Value-driven Wendy House Builders in South Africa

Our value-driven Wendy House Builders provide their services in various provinces throughout South Africa.

Provinces Graced by Seasoned Wendy House Contractors

Here’s where you can find their expert services:

  1. Gauteng: Home to Gauteng Wendy Houses, a company specializing in building wooden structures like Wendy houses, sheds, and log cabins.
  2. Mpumalanga: Nelspruit-based Wendy Lane offers fast and affordable space solutions in the Lowveld area.
  3. Western Cape: Knysna in the northern areas is known for having Wendy house contractors who provide quality structures.
  4. KwaZulu-Natal: Durban is a hub for professional Wendy house builders who can meet your specific needs.
  5. Eastern Cape: East London boasts skilled contractors offering their expertise in constructing Wendy houses.

Conclusion about Wendy houses for sale: Engage with us and access the best Wendy house specials from the manufacturer around the corner

Conclusion about Wendy houses for sale: Engage with us and access the best Wendy house specials from the manufacturer around the corner

Find the finest Wendy houses for sale and access exclusive specials directly from the manufacturer.

  • Engage with us today to discover high-quality options at affordable prices, right in your neighbourhood.

Your dream Wendy house awaits!


1. What are Wendy houses?

Wendy houses are small, wooden or Nutec structures often used as playhouses for children but can also function as storage sheds, tool sheds, or additional living spaces.

2. Can I buy a Wendy house in Cape Town?

Yes, both Nutec and wooden Wendy houses are readily available from various suppliers in Cape Town and throughout other regions including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

3. How much does a Wendy house cost?

The price of a Wendy house varies depending on size, materials used such as wood or Nutec panels and extra features such as interlocking tongue walls or pane glass doors.

4. Can I customize my Wendy house?

Yes! You have the option to personalize your wendy houses based on your needs; may it be concerning its kitchen design internally or choosing between log cabin style externally.

  • Installation companies offer customization services that suit your taste effectively.

5. Is there any upkeep required for a Wendy House?

Maintenance is key to extending the life of your wendy house whether it’s made from wood or nutec material. Wendy house maintenance services are available which include painting, roofing repairs and more.

6.Are there specific installation steps for setting up a wendy house?

Absolutely! Professional teams follow an installation guide with systematic steps ensuring secure foundations to final touches like windows & doors set-up with safety measures considered at all stages.